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Welcome to my tall fashion trends section.  Here, you will get information on the latest styles in the fashion world and learn how to find them in the tall sizes you need.

Learn how to create five outfits for tall women with only five clothing pieces.

Five Days, Five Pieces, Five Outfits for Tall Women

What if we told you that you could only have a wardrobe that consisted of five pieces? Would you laugh (or cry) at this idea?

Read along as we take you on a five-day wardrobe journey, which includes ensembles for working from home, going into the office, and brunch on the weekend, using only five pieces of clothing turned into five fabulous outfits for tall women... {read more}

A review of Alloy Apparel's tall denim jacket

Alloy Apparel Tall Denim Jacket Review

Denim jackets are versatile, practical, fashionable, and never go out of style.  I've always wanted one, but for some reason I never took the chance to try one out.  Until now!  I recently bought myself a reasonably priced tall jean jacket from Alloy Apparel, the Tall Stretch Jean Jacket.  And I really like it!  Here is my review of this classic fashion piece... {read more}

A review of Alloy Apparel tall joggers

Alloy Apparel Tall Joggers Review

Aaaah, tall joggers.  My newfound love.

Being a mom of three has shifted my choice of everyday wear to one that is focused on comfort.  And, really, nothing beats a comfortable pair of joggers.  Recently, I bought a couple of Alloy's Tall French Terry Ultra Soft Joggers to try out for myself, one black and one gray. Here is my review on these practical pants... {read more}

Tall off-the-shoulder tops fashion trend

Tall Off-The-Shoulder Tops

Dare to bare.  Your shoulders that is.  Off-the-shoulder tops were a thing back in the 90's and have found a resurgence in popularity over this past year.  They seem to be everywhere these days.  And, now, even TALL open-shoulder tops can be found!  So, what do you think of the shoulder-baring trend?   I never indulged in the look back in the 90's, but I'm liking it now... {read more}

Trendy tall leggings from Alloy

Tall Shapewear Leggings

Recently, Alloy Apparel released its new line of tall women’s shapewear.  In all the excitement of a brand new tall category being unveiled, I chose to try out a pair of their tall shapewear leggings (the Shape Crossover Waistband Legging).  I’ll admit, I haven’t worn any kind of shapewear before.  But, ten months out from having my third baby, I'd say Alloy's timing on tall body shapers is perfect... {read more}

Eddie Bauer coat reviews

Tall Eddie Bauer Coats

Like many of you tall ladies out there, I have a hard time finding outerwear that fits.  The sleeves need to be long enough so that my wrists aren't cold.  And, the torso length needs to drop past my waist.  Recently, my go-to winter coat got a rip in it (boo!), so I hopped online and did a little shopping.  I decided to try out a couple of styles from Eddie Bauer's tall collection... {read more}

Review of sports bras for tall women

Sports Bras for Long Torso Women

Since starting this site, many visitors have written in to ask about the best sports bras for long torso women.  Straps that dig into shoulders and bands that ride up during workouts are the top complaints from tall ladies.  And, I'm right there with them. Because the issue seems to be pretty common among us girls blessed with height, I decided to do some digging... {read more}

Tall girl's guide to all-white outfits

Pure White Out: A Tall Girl's Guide to All-White Outfits

If you're itching to try out an all-white outfit, you couldn't have timed it better. Monochrome is currently right on trend and likely to stick around for a while, and taller women are extremely well suited for the look. The first thing to note is that wearing all white – or any single color – is a bold move. If you stand close to (or even over) six foot tall... {read more}

The long legs, short torso conundrum

The Long Legs, Short Torso Conundrum

Do you have difficulty dressing as a woman with long legs and a short torso?  The good news is that when designers dream up outfits to put on their fashion models, they've actually got your body in mind.  So, not only were you blessed with the gift of gorgeous long legs, but you've got a body frame fit for the catwalk too.  While this should come as a genuine... {read more}

Casual large size shoe reviews

Casual Shoes in Large Sizes

I recently escaped the unusually nasty cold weather to relax at a lovely beach resort. In my suitcase, I brought along three new pairs of casual flats from the spring / summer collection of Barefoot Tess, a specialty store which exclusively offers women's shoes in large sizes.  Each year, I enjoy seeing Barefoot Tess' new casual lines because their shoes are always so fresh and trendy... {read more}

Keep up to date on past tall style trends

Past Tall Fashion Trends

Keeping up with the latest fashion styles will guarantee your wardrobe stays fresh and exciting.  But with these trends changing just about every season, they can be hard to track.  Here, with my tall women's fashion style guide, I will help you stay on top of the current runway looks and choose tall outfit combos that will follow these popular crazes... {read more}

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