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There aren't too many places, online or offline, where tall women can get together and share a story or two. So, let's do it here! Just fill out the form below and tell me all a little about yourself. Name, age, height, location, your favorite thing about being tall, your favorite tall store, your favorite brand of long jeans...share whatever you'd like.

Let's get to know each other, gals!

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The Guests Of Honor:

Emily (Lexington, KY)

I was 5'11" with slightly longer legs than torso (so my inseam is technically a size up than a normal proportion) from roughly 8th grade until my sophomore year of college, I always used to get Delia's because they carried longer inseam lengths and had pretty good deals on jeans...then 2 things happened, my jeans were no longer long enough (come to find I grew...that final inch...to 6') AND Delia's went out of business. So I had to scramble for someplace new that wouldn't break the bank...Lucky Brand jeans are really good, but catch them on sale otherwise $$ and so is NY & Co (you can even find them in store) but they also cost a bit and not quite thick enough/sturdy enough for me (aka can't be barn pants) BUT then I searched more and I was surprised to find Gap and Old Navy began popping up and I could get a 36" inseam! But now that I have found this site it will be so much easier! Now i just need to find the perfect pair of khakis...

Kiwana (Charlotte, NC)

Tonya (Inver Grove Heights, MN)

I want to shop like regular women.

Rolansa (Philadelphia, PA)

Barbara (Garner, NC)

Need tall ladies clothing

Carrie (Enid, OK)

Sheron (Waynesboro, MS)

Sandra (Monroe, LA)

I love being tall. The only bad thing is finding clothes. A 34' inseam is not tall!

Tracy (Phoenix, AZ)

56 / Looking for tall friends.

Priscilla (Philadelphia, PA)
5'8" 1/2"

Looking for dresses that fit my tall frame and not expensive.

Note from TWR: Check out my tall dresses page for some good options.

Sarah (Salem, MA)

I've been 6' since I was 12.  In some ways this site makes me feel less alone, but it also makes me want to scream!  I am sick to the teeth of being stuck with shopping online or freezing every winter because regular clothes are 3/4 pants and sleeves on me.  Shopping online is a nightmare.  There is no guarantee of fit, the sizing guides are rarely close to accurate, and you spend buckets on shipping only to have to return it all because none of it works!

Note from TWR:  I know this will only help with a little bit of the frustration, but some of the bigger brand stores offer free shipping over a certain amount and free returns at their local stores if you happen to live close by.  I use this to my advantage to try out tall clothing at places such as Old Navy, Gap, Express, and Eddie Bauer to name a few.

Clare (Dublin, Ireland)

Struggling to find a sports bra that is comfortable and supportive, and is available outside of the US! Great site, will try your suggestions :)

Helem (Richardson, TX)

Linda (St. Louis, MO)

Chic used to be my fav's and now am looking for a new Favorite!!

Cheryl (Chillicothe, OH)

Leah (Charlotte, NC)

Dottie (Colorado Springs, CO)

Gail (San Angelo, TX)

Marisa (Charlotte, NC)

Being on this site makes me feel short!  But in high school I'm definitely the tall girl surrounded by much shorter girls!  Even my guy friends point out that my pants and sleeves are always rolled into capris and 3/4 sleeves!

Julia (Orlando, FL)

I'm 18 and have been one of tallest girls or the tallest girl amongst friends and peers for as long as I can remember. When I was a bit younger I always had THE HARDEST time finding pants, jeans, skirts, and dresses b/c of my long legs; it's still a huge task sometimes but it's gotten WAY easier.

Alisha (Louisville, KY)

My favorite thing about being tall is of course the special attention I get. My favorite brand of Jeans has changed throughout the years with weight gain but now I am stuck on Piper Jeans or Vigoss/Vigold. I can only really find them at Alloy.com They have extended sizes and lengths.

Georgie (Laurel, DE)

Nikki (San Diego, CA)

I have long legs and I'm looking for long summer dresses.

Note from TWR: Check out my tall dresses page for some fun styles.


I love maxi dresses!

Sophie (Michigan)

This site is the greatest thing next to chocolate! :) I've been tall all my life and suffered from having a limited selection of shoes, pants, and dresses. Especially dresses! All those amazingly cute (and cheap!!) dresses either don't fit right or are WAY TOO short! But now thanks to this AMAZING website I have billions of sites that have clothes that fit me!! Woohoo!! THANKS!! This website is awesome and so is being TALL!! :D Be proud of being tall because: if you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change the way you think about it!

Vivian (Jackson, TN)

I have always had trouble finding jeans, pants, sleeves long enough, now add hips to that!! Love being tall, men are even taller now, so no longer odd or feet too big.

Kim (Ft. Washington, MD)

Didn't like being tall when I was young. And now, I love it! I'm tall on the ball and got it all! That's how I see myself now that I'm 52.

Serena (Philadelphia, PA)

I can't find tall clothing anywhere and if I do, they are too expensive.

Note from TWR: Actually, clothes for tall women come in a range of prices, from inexpensive to designer. You'll be surprised what you can find even on a budget.

Marie (Branford, CT)

Lindsay (Portland, OR)

I love TWR!

Deidre (Louisville, KY)

Ann (Lake Hopatcong, NJ)

Need a long wool or blend dress coat.

Note from TWR: See my tall coats page for plenty of options.

Cheryl (Benton, AT)

Looking for tall women's clothing.

Note from TWR: Well, then you've come to the right place! No doubt, you will find tall women's clothing all over this site.

Laura (Alburtis, PA)

Rather be tall than short! But am finding it hard to find jeans in a 37" inseam. Used to get them from alloy.com. But they don't seem to fit me right. Like trendy jeans not frumpy. Help!

Note from TWR: You have a lot of fashionable, trendy long denim options! See my 37" inseam jeans directory to find what you need.

Yvonne (Auburn, NY)

Linda (Houston, TX)

Very good information! Appreciating the hard work you put into your site and detailed information you present.

Carmen (New York, NY)

Sandy (Kalkaska, MI)

My favorite thing about being tall is that I don't have to use a ladder to reach many things. Also the top shelf of the grocery stores are not a challenge to me.

Lynn (East Windsor, NJ)

Akia (Denver, CO)

I love shopping but I hate it also. I have the most difficult time finding shoes that are girly, not to mention I'm plus sized and tall so pant and clothes shopping is just ridiculous.

RosanaGomez (Fontana, CA)

I'm 6'2". I just turned 30 and I'm not skinny but not fat either, I'm usually a 14-16...I want to find cute jeans with Rhinestones that aren't so expensive...I want to wear sexy shoes and not flats all the time...I need sexy and comfort in a size 11 with a heel but not too high....help!!!

Note from TWR: Visit my tall jeans section for plenty of cute denim options. And, check out my large size women's shoes section for just the shoes you're looking for.

Lee (Spring, TX)

I have a 37" inseam, am size 8-10, and have a hard time finding leg length.

Katie (Reading, PA)

Looking for business suits and collared shirts in tall! Age 29

Note from TWR: Visit my tall women's suits and businesswear page for lots of professional options!

Mona (Bland, MO)

Melissa (Omaha, NE)

Hi im melissa! i am 20 and I am a student at CU

Juliet (Irvington, NJ)
6'1 1/2"

I love my height, but growing up as a child was hard. If we had to line up by size, I was last, if we lined up by last name, I was last. My last name begins with the letter "Y". there weren't too many people with the last name beginning with the letter "Z". But as I grew up, I embraced my height, I love the fact that I am tall. I just started shopping online for my clothing. I love the shopping experience, but finding a store that carries long pants or shirts that have long enough sleeves was a challenge. But by shopping online, I no longer have this problem.

Lauren (Union Springs, NY)

I guess my first revelation about being tall was in first grade when i confessed to my best guy friend that i wore boy's jeans because of my height and he didn't care. I was like 'wow'. Anyway, being tall really isn't the best situation in high school, where my height, good grades, and young age would be constant targets if I lived in a big city. Thank goodness for the acceptance that comes with a small school. :) I still have problems (lots) finding jeans that fit, but at least I am not still wearing boy's jeans like my mom had to when she was my age.

Martha (Longview, TX)

Visiting PA...looking for Tall ladies clothing

Carol (Hollywood, FL)

It is nearly impossible for me to find size 12 medium stylish shoes.

Note from TWR: Visit my women's size 12 shoes page for plenty of stylish large size footwear fashions!

Dusty (Watertown, TN)

Long torso clothing is hard to find.

Gina (New Jersey)
5' 10 1/2"

Being tall rocks!

Amy (Ireland)

I'm going to start off by saying thanks for putting this site together! Every shop in Ireland who used to do a tall section has now suddenly stopped because "there's no need for it" so I'm very happy to have found this, all my friends are between 5'1 and 5'3 so they think that 34in inseam is long so they keep telling me about shops that do 34in which is nice of them don't get me wrong, but I'm a 37in inseam so it can get a bit frustrating. Anyway sorry for rambling on! Cheers for the site!

Vicki (Dallas, TX)

I love being tall because people always look up to you and not down on you...People notice you when you walk in a room! Especially, if you carry yourself well. My pet peeve is tall people who slump! Be proud of who and what you are! Stand up straight people will take notice! The best thing my mother did for me was to send me to a modeling school. Not because she wanted me to be a model, but she wanted me to learn to walk and carry myself appropriately....I can usually find long jeans at Buckle. I need to try TallWater jeans...Mail order can be so frustrating because jeans are so hard to get to fit the way I want them to fit. I am small framed but tall, so it is even harder for me. I generally wear a size 6. I want things that are a good quality and not frumpy! I love wearing heels too.

Michelle (Lancaster, OH)

Jeans and clothes that don't make me look like I raided my mom's closet.

Jheri (Kobenhavn, Danmark)

I'm 26 and very thin giving an extra challenge finding things that fit. Fortunately I have found a great tailor. I also like modifying vintage and used clothing to create my own things.

Celia (Peoria, AZ)

I am an elderly woman who prefers tailored rather than casual clothing.

Karen (Houston, TX)

Jennifer (Richmond, VA)

My fav long inseam jeans are from BabyPhat.com!! They fitperfectly!! I LOVE being a tall woman & LOVE to wear heels!! I'm the girl you see out with the 4 inch stilettos on!!! Embrace your height ladies!! It's very powerful being a tall woman!! When I walk in a room.... All eyes are on me!!! The only down side is the amount of short men fascinated with me!!! ;)

Ann (Hazlet, NJ)

52 years old with long arms, legs and a 36A bust line. Looking for a one piece or tankini.

Note from TWR: Visit my long torso swimwear page for a variety of swim styles!

Heather (Sparta, NJ)

I'm tall with long arms.

Jess (Yucaipa, CA)

I NEED JEANS! This has always been an issue. Buckle is great, but I like skinny jeans. Help?

Note from TWR: Visit my tall women's skinny jeans page for lots of options!

April (Houston, TX)

I am tall with thick legs and I buy pzi jeans. They are awesome and made for curvy women. They go all the way up to a size 18 and have up to a 38 inch inseam! You have got to try them, you will not be disappointed! Go to pzijeans.com or you can find them at Macy's. I hope this helps! :-)

Jamie (Brooklyn, NY)

Nancy (Grand Haven, MI)

50 yrs old, favorite jeans-levi, beach volleyball - favorite sport. Pants and clothes hard to find.

Nicole (Rochester, NY)

Belinda (Panama City, FL)

As I got older I do not mind my height. Some say I am 6'0 but I stop at 5'9. Finding tall clothes has always been a real real problem and then if I did it was way outa my pocket too much money, then I found stores like Chadwick and Metrostyle in catalogs. JC Penny was good then they just stop selling tall or ultra tall. So now I have found this site. Willing to check it out. I love relaxed jeans any kind will do. Usually none will fit in my waist. Kinda small like Dolly Parton (smile). I am 54 strong and love to wear pants. Good fit and with in my budget price range.

Sandy (Burdine, KY)
5'11 1/2"

Long legs and long arms makes shopping a nightmare my daughter has the same problem.

Sara (Columbus, OH)

My tall issues are short waisted, with long legs...broad shoulders with big boobs. Growing up clothing that fit wasn't an option unless my mom made it! I am so excited that the world is catching up and meeting our needs!

Doris (Conway, South Carolina)

Lane Bryant Favorite Jeans with Stretch

Diane (Sykesville, Maryland)

I have spent my life searching for pants that fit- 35inch inseam - ALLLEGS - This site is awesome

Rachelle (Grande Prairie, Alberta)

I am confident in my height..., hey we can't change what we have when it comes to height; EMBRACE IT! I still wear heels, nothing makes you feel like a woman, when you have some sexy shoes/heels on. I am always amazed at all the remarks, gawks, and "Tall Chick" stereo-types out there. But you know what? You can either let it bother you, or you can be confident, compassionate and patient with the many questions. In Canada, it seems the only store(s) I can shop at is, TallGirl. I'm looking forward to checking out the sites on here :D I use Zappos.com for many shoe purchases ;D Love me them shoes!

Trelinda (Tallahassee, FL)

Hi my name is Trelinda, as a teenager my nickname was tree! I have yet to find a favorite tall store, I am hoping this site will be able to help me. I am in constant battle with finding the perfect fit, if the pants are long enough then the mid and hip section does not fit, please help! I am also in need of a fashion update, I am 45 and my fashion appeal is becoming simple.

Kalendra (Brooklyn, CT)

Thanks for putting this together! It was so much harder when I was younger - now about 30. 36" inseam but if I were to wear heels, it's not enough. Long arms, fairly long torso to go with the legs and I have wider shoulders, so if I thought the arms might be okay, they won't if I move. haha. Actually came across the perfect jeans in China - brand 7, never knew. Shop a lot of Eddie Bauer simply because they offer lots of talls - but this place rocks. thanks again.

Vicki (Poseyville, IN)

Misty (Blanchard, OK)

I am 36 years of age, my height is 5'11" with an inseam of 35". I am also a "plus-size" gal, I can usually squeeze in to a size 22-24. The problem I am having is finding a store that carries plus-size clothing in tall lengths including the 35" inch inseams!-I have found that some talls are considered 32"-34", which leaves me wearing high-waters!! Not only do I need the plus-size PLUS the long 35" inch inseam.....I WANT something hip, something stylish! I want to wear those cute designer clothes, too!! I want to dress my age and look gorgeous!! Any stores out there that makes cute, stylish clothes with a 35" inseam AND plus-sized?!?!!?

Anna (Louisville, KY)

I wear a 35 inch inseam and have to wear suits everyday. Whenever I go shopping, it always seems as if clothing manufacturers seem to think that either a) tall women DON'T work or b) tall women make over $200K per year and can afford suiting pants $50 and over. I don't know whether I should just get a really big size and sag it like Snoop Dog OR just buy the too short pants and look like I'm in a flood. Either way I make pants fit, I will never advance in my career because both looks are unprofessional! I can't wear skirts all year round because I'll freeze in the winter!

Judy (Hollywood, FL)

Mostly dissatisfied with my inability to find 14-16 size slacks w/color that fits other than black or brown, I need 36" inseam and looking for COLORS! Professional, Director, & 67 yrs old w/major Hospital company, and am soooo tired of brown black or ink, or charcoal. Help!!!??? BTW I love being tall!!! Married to a taller guy for 36yrs.

Mary Jo (Friendswood, TX)

LOVE this site! Not only does it have the information I seek, it sorts it amazingly! Thank you!!!!

Laura (Tulsa, OK)

I'm 24 and love being tall! I had insecurities when I was younger but over the years I have learned to embrace and love being different. It helps that I come from a tall family and my 3 sisters are around the same height. I have a 37" inseam and it is really hard to find clothes. Ordering everything on the internet, you're never sure it will work. Glad to find some more websites to help with the search though!

Gineen (Chicago, IL)

I'm 42 and happy to be tall. I wear heels all the time. So glad to see a bank of "tall stores"...this is a great resource!

Krystal (Little Rock, AR)

I'm 31 and very happy to be tall. I am 6' with a slender hourglass figure. I love wearing my heels although people I know give me a hard time for wearing my four and five inch heels. LOL.

Kimberly (Philadelphia, PA)

Long limbs, short torso, big rear. Not a stick, but thin.

Sarah (San Diego, CA)

I'm 5'10" give or take a little, but over 6'0" when I wear my heels! I love wearing heels and all the attention I get from it. Lots of fun. Anyway, my favorite tall store is Alloy. They have so many pairs of jeans to choose from. I have a 35" inseam, but they go up to 37". I just bought a new pair yesterday and can't wait for them to get in!

Kim (Denver, CO)

Hey! I'm Kim and I am 18 and still growing a little I think. It's tough being this tall at a young age, but I don't really mind it. My mom and sister are tall and I have some taller friends too. It's great because we can all share the tall clothes we find!

Taylor (Houston, TX)

Hello ladies! I'm 29 and I've always been a tall girl, standing out in the crowd. I love my height! My favorite thing about being tall is that it makes me unique. Shorter girls are always saying they wish they were my height...sorry, haha! I used to have a hard time finding clothes, but now I see there are lots of stores out there. Thanks for the info! :)

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