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About Me

Welcome!  Learn more about me and Tall Women Resource.

Hi, there! Welcome to my website, Tall Women Resource. My name is Robyn...and, I'm a 6'1" full-blooded Texas girl (howdy y'all!). Ever since the start of elementary school I've always stood out among my friends. Of course, the fact that my best friend was on the opposite end of the height spectrum exaggerated things.  It really wasn't until high school that I became a bit self-conscious about how tall I was. Not being able to find good clothes that fit (high-waters, anyone?) didn't help the situation.

I did do a lot of sports, though. I competed on my college track team in the high jump event and missed going to the Olympics by just a few inches (sorry, a little bragging). While this was a great experience, one of the best things that happened during my college years was that I finally came to peace with my height and began to see it as a {FABULOUS} and wonderfully {UNIQUE} characteristic.

By my senior year, I was confident enough in myself to start dating a handsome, young man who is a not-as-tall 5'7". No, that's not a typo. I fell for a guy half a foot shorter than me.  And, we are now happily married with three precious girls.

A few other tidbits about myself...

  • My inseam is 36"
  • My shoe size is 11, sometimes 12
  • My everyday wardrobe is typically stylish comfortable with a bit of athletic flair
  • My favorite pair of denim is my dark wash skinny jeans from Express
  • I've got way too many tank tops in my dresser
  • Jackets and sweaters that fit just right are my hard-to-find items
  • I love a good deal (that's why I stay up-to-date on the promos!)

My family photo!

About This Site

I wish I could give you a super, amazing story about how I came to the idea to start this site, but let's be honest...I'm tall. I've always been tall. I'll always be tall. And, having all this experience being tall, I know how hard it is to find clothes that fit.

So, one day, I decided to hop online and start making a list of all the stores I could find that sell clothing in tall sizes. Expecting to end up with a short list of only a few shops, I was very surprised at all that was actually out there. The information was just scattered and difficult to find.

Knowing that I wasn't alone in my shopping frustrations, I decided to take the long list of stores I had gathered and create an online resource to help other women who have also been blessed with height. But, I didn't want to simply throw out a list and say "good luck". I wanted to make lives easier. So, I researched every store on my list...and categorized! Now, if you're looking for a certain type of clothing, just go to that particular page and you'll get a list of stores selling that item, along with product recommendations and other fun info. How's that for simplified shopping?

Since its start, Tall Women Resource has evolved into a comprehensive resource which includes not only clothing directories, but also fashion articles, an always-current sales and coupons page (who doesn't love a good discount?), a newsletter, and much more.

I truly hope you find this site useful in making your life a little bit easier.

Here's to standing {TALL}, {PROUD}, and {CONFIDENT}!

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