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As a woman in the working world, finding tall women's suits and other businesswear can often be a challenge. While buying a two-piece suit that comes together as a set can be a great thing, it's not always super easy to find.  A few tall stores do offer sets, but most sell their businesswear as separates.

Women's tall suits and other businesswear styles give you the right look and fit for work.

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Even as separates, though, you will still be able to finding matching blazers and dress pants that can be paired together as a suit.  Or, mix it all up and wear a business jacket with pants of a different color.  It's okay to bend the style rules at work!  Add in a fabulous dress shirt and you've got all you need to look your professional best.

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Favorite Tall Women's Suits & Businesswear Stores:

Banana Republic ($$) This Gap brand company is well-known for their contemporary businesswear and apparel, which includes women's suits, professional jackets and blazers, dress shirts, dresses, skirts, blouses, and more...in tall sizes. Banana Republic would definitely be one of the first places I would check out for business options. You'll also get free shipping on $50 order and free returns!

Ann Taylor ($$) This store is known for their sophisticated, professional styles. They offer the classic businesswear items including tall women's suits, dress pants, and dresses. I also really like their variety of unique blouses that can be worn in a professional setting. Select Tall in the main menu for their entire collection.

Eddie Bauer ($$) Here, you can usually find a few options of blazers as well as button-up shirts and sometimes dress pants in 36" inseams. They are usually made of a nice material that can easily be washed and are good for travel. Check back often because the number of businesswear items seems to change throughout the year. Their sizes go up to a tall 20.

J.Crew ($$) This contemporary shop offers a nice variety of tall women's suits and other businesswear, including dress tops, dresses, skirts, and blazers. Their dress pants can be found in up to a 35" inseam. I have bought a few J.Crew suits over the years and I was very pleased with the quality and fit. Another good place to check out.

EXPRESS ($$) I love Express for their variety of tall dress pants which go up to a 36" inseam! They come in the classic businesswear colors (black, gray, and navy) as well as other more fun colors. You'll find styles such as slim fit, skinny, trouser, high-waisted, crop, ankle-length, etc. I own several dress pants from Express and they have lasted a long time. I can definitely personally recommend!

Alloy Apparel ($) If you want some workwear options that are inexpensive, definitely check out Alloy. They offer a number of dressy pant styles in 35" and 37" inseams. Also, as of the time that I'm writing this, Alloy has several cute jumpsuits that, in my opinion, could be worn to the office. Here, you'll get free shipping on $100 orders.

New York & Company ($$) Offers fashionable businesswear options including tall ladies jackets/blazers, blouses, sweaters, dresses, skirts, and pants in up to a 34.5" inseam. I like all of their color choices within these items...lots of bold colors as well as the basics.

Gap ($$) While Gap doesn't have much in the way of what I would consider professional workwear pants, they do have a decent number of options that could be worn for more of a business casual look. I've found a couple of styles that come in a 37" inseam, but most of them aren't quite as long. At Gap, you can also find some nice jackets, tops, sweaters, and dresses which can all come together as a great outfit for the workplace. Bonus...get free shipping on orders over $50 and free returns!

Next ($) This is a U.K. based company that ships all over the world. They have a really big tall collection which includes women's suits as well as other businesswear items such as trousers in up to a 35" inseam, career dresses, work skirts, and blouses.

JCPenney ($) Here, you will find classic styles of businesswear including a variety of pants in up to 35" inseams as well as a few choices of blazers and a nice collection of blouses and dresses. Most come in up to a tall size 20.

Simply Tall ($$) This specialty tall shop carries several blazers that can be paired with matching pants to pull together a whole suit for the office. You can also find a variety of other dress pants in 37" and 38" inseams. They have a few choices of businesswear tops and dresses as well.

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