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Long torso swimwear is a must for tall women who not only want to look great but, also, feel comfortable while at the pool or beach. But, where can you find it?  Let me show you...

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We all know that if you're going for any other look besides a bikini, you can't just walk into any regular store and find a tall women's swimsuit hanging on the rack. Your choices are very limited if you don't know where to shop or what your swimwear options as a tall woman are.

Just click around through these pages in my swim section and I think you'll start to see how many choices you actually have.  You'll need to stick to shopping online, as it is with pretty much your entire tall clothing wardrobe, but the variety is there so check it out.

Favorite Styles:

Long Torso Swimwear Categories:

So, what kind of tall swimwear are you looking for in particular?  Click on one of the categories below to begin your search.

Your Tall Swimsuits Options

Before you can start shopping, the first thing you need to do is decide which style of bathing suit you are the most comfortable in.

One-piece long torso swimsuits are a great modest option for those who want the most coverage out of a bathing suit. They come in a wide variety of colors, patterns, and designs, so you don't have to trade fashion for comfort. Some of the long torso brands you'll come across are Longitude swimwear, made exclusively for tall women, and Miracle Suit swimwear, among several others. With such a great selection of tall one-piece bathing suits out there, you're sure to find something to love.

Long torso tankini swimwear is another bathing suit alternative for tall women who need extra length in the body. A little less modest than a one-piece, tankinis are trendy and stylish and can be found in tall sizes to fit your stature. Also, some stores offer tankinis that, while not necessarily categorized as a tall size, are extra long and can still suit your needs and tastes.

If you like wearing bikinis, then your options are pretty much endless. You aren't limited to finding swimwear specifically in tall sizes. Since there are so many bikini shops out there, I can't list all of them for you...but you can check out some of my favorite bikini stores here.

For one last long torso swimwear option, look into custom-made swimsuits. Using your own measurements, custom swimwear shops will create a bathing suit that's unique only to you. It's a guaranteed perfect fit. Choose from hundreds of fabrics, colors, and patterns all in one-piece, tankini, and bikini styles.

Once you decide which style of bathing suit you prefer, then you can switch to shopping mode and begin enjoying your new finds!

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