Women's Tall Jeans

The perfect pair of women's tall jeans is arguably the most important piece in your wardrobe. Finding jeans in long inseams may seem like a chore, but you're probably just not looking in the right places. Here's where I can help!

Women's tall jeans come in 34 to 40 inch inseams.

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The denim section of the typical department store more than likely won't have the range of long length inseams to suit your needs or give you the variety you want. So, let's get you out of the dreaded mall and onto the Internet, where you are right now. Here, your selection is huge!

More denim variety awaits online than you know. Check out some of my favorite styles below or search through the pages in my denim section for more.

TALL TIP: Alloy Apparel has a collection of tall jeans in 35" and 37" inseams that you'll want to take a look through. Get Free Shipping on orders over $100!

Favorite Styles:

Women's Long Inseam Jeans

Choose one of the categories below to continue on your search for jeans for tall women (if you're unsure of what your inseam is, see the Inseam Measurement Guide to get an accurate measurement).

Other Women's Tall Jeans

Designer Jeans - If you have a passion for only the trendiest of clothing, then you'll love to hear that there are quite a few designer brand jeans that come in long inseams. Deemed fashionable and chic in today's fashion world, these premium, high-quality jeans can be yours if you know the right designer brands to shop for.

Custom Jeans - Have you ever dreamed of designing your very own special pair of jeans? Jeans that fit every part of your body exactly the way you want it to in the perfect color, the perfect fabric, and the perfect style? You can do just that by creating a pair of custom jeans. By taking your measurements and design preferences, custom clothing stores give you the best jeans for your body every single time.

Visitor Favorites - I thought it might be fun to see what brands and styles of women's jeans are popular with the tall crowd.  Check out TWR visitor favorites and maybe you'll find some new pairs to try out and love.  And, don't forget to share your favorite go-to pair!

Your Best Denim Look

Ladies long length jeans come in a wide assortment of cuts, fits, rises, and washes all in the inseam options above. Now that you see you actually have choices when it comes to your denim, what style would look best on you?

First of all, tall women look fabulous in pretty much any denim style. Unlike our shorter counterparts, we can wear boot-cut, flared, or trouser jeans without making it look like our legs have been cut off. The flare at the bottom actually accentuates long legs. Another great denim look for tall ladies is the slim fashions of skinny jeans and jeggings. With their snug fit, both trendy styles show off your beautiful legs just perfectly.

Straight-cut or flared, high-rise or low-rise, tight-fitting or loose-fitting, whatever your style, it comes in a long inseam. Take a look through these pages and you're sure to find yourself a new favorite pair...or two, or three!

What to do now? Shop by Inseam or Jeans category.

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