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Reviews Of Tall Clothing For Women

As you explore the pages of this site, I hope you're finding that there really is an abundance of tall clothing for women available.  The problem we run into when it comes to shopping, though, is that we don't have a good way to "try before you buy".  Most sales occur online, leaving us instead to "buy before you try".

Here, I offer you my personal reviews of tall clothing I've either purchased or been given.  I know that my measurements are unique to myself and that we all come in different shapes and sizes...but, I also know that there's value to seeing clothes on someone in real life rather than in an online catalogue.  And so, I hope these reviews are helpful to you.

For reference, I am 6'1", 135 pounds, a size 4 in clothing, and a size 11 in shoes.

Tall Women Resource Clothing Reviews:

A review of tall shapewear leggings from Alloy Apparel.

Review of Tall Shapewear Leggings
Alloy Apparel recently unveiled their new tall shapewear collection.  I decided to give their smoothing and firming body shaper leggings a try ...
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A review of tall coats at Eddie Bauer.

Review of Two Eddie Bauer Tall Size Coats
I decided to try out the MicroTherm® StormDown® Jacket and the Essential Down Parka from Eddie Bauer's tall collection.  Here is my opinion on these two coats ...
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A review of sports bras for long torso women.

Review of Sports Bras for Long Torso Women
Here I test drive three sports bras with adjustable straps that very well could be great options for women with long torsos ...
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A review of women's large size shoes in the Barefoot Tess spring/summer 2014 collection.

Review of Shoes in the Barefoot Tess Spring/Summer 2014 Collection
I recently escaped the cold weather to relax at a lovely beach resort. In my suitcase, I brought along three new pairs of large size casual flats from Barefoot Tess ...
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