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Tall Ladies Cardigans

One of the best pieces you can own for the cooler weather months is tall ladies cardigans. Whether it's fall or spring or maybe just a cool summer night, long-length sweater cardigans will keep you warm while still looking fashionable and trendy.

Tall ladies cardigans sweaters are perfect for cooler weather months.

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Sweater jackets are light and versatile, great for layering, and can be worn around town or at the office. They are especially useful when you're wearing a strapless or sleeveless top or when you're headed someplace typically cold such as the movies or an evening affair. Throw one in your bag for a quick go-to piece whenever it's needed.

Favorites Styles:

Sweater Jacket Style

Ladies long cardigans come in a wide variety of styles, such as cable knit, cotton, knitted, cropped, hooded, shawl collar, and open, and can be worn any number of ways.

Like I mentioned before, cardigan jackets are perfect for a layered look. Layer one over a basic tall tee or tank top or pair it with a pretty, tall dress. You can wear a buttoned-up cardigan sweater to work instead of a suit jacket. Wrap a belt around it for even more sophistication.

Tall ladies cardigans can be worn open for a more casual look or closed for a classier look. Neutral colors such as black, white, and brown can go with anything, but there's always a time and place for bright colors including red, purple, and even lime green.

And, for one more tip, change up the look of your sweater by adding a broach or pin of your choice near the top.

Favorite Tall Ladies Cardigans Stores:

Eddie Bauer ($$) Here, you can find a number of different styles of high-quality ladies cardigans in tall sizes, with more variety usually in the colder seasons. Each style is typically offered in several color options in up to a size XXL (equivalent to a 20-22 according to the size guide). Eddie Bauer often has free shipping promos and you can return to any retail location for free.

Gap ($$) Their tall collection includes a bunch of cardigan sweaters to choose from. Button-front, wrap-front, cropped, and duster-length are just some of the styles they carry. Gap should be one of the first places to look at for cardigan sweaters. You'll get free shipping on orders of $50 or more plus free returns!

Alloy Apparel ($) You won't find many cardigan options at Alloy, but the few they do carry will likely offer you the best length in the arms and body than the other shops on this list. If you're a fan of Alloy and you don't see any cardigans at this time, check back later because they will likely have some available soon. Make a $75 purchase and you'll get free shipping!

Old Navy ($) I like Old Navy's selection of ladies cardigans. They almost always have a large number to choose from in a variety of designs and colors. Plus, the prices are very reasonable, especially for tall women's clothing. Old Navy offers sizes in up to an XXL (or size 20). And, get free shipping on $50 orders plus free returns!

J. Jill ($$) This shop offers a small selection of casual tall sweaters and cardigans in up to a size 20.

JCPenney ($) Carries a variety of clothing in their tall women's collection, including a few options for sweater cardigans. Their sizing goes up to an XXL/20T and I think you'll be pleased with their reasonable prices.

Banana Republic ($$) As of when I'm writing this, there are a couple of cardigans in Banana Republic's tall collection. If you don't see any when you look, check back after awhile because their clothing lines change frequently. As with the other Gap brands, you'll get free shipping on $50 orders plus free returns!

Next ($) Here, you'll find a decent number of options for ladies cardigans in tall sizing, all at reasonable prices. Next is based in the U.K., but you can select to shop from a long list of countries on their website.

Top Shop ($$) I'm seeing a few cardigan styles at Top Shop right now, but that may not always be the case. Stock is sometimes limited for these types of sweater jackets when shopping here. Like Next (above), this store is based in the U.K., but there is a long list of countries that they ship to.

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