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B-Buckles Maternity Accessory

For moms-to-be who are not quite ready to give up their pre-pregnancy jeans and pants, B-Buckles are the ideal maternity accessory. These stretchy pant extenders cover unbuttoned waistbands, allowing extra room for growing bellies.

For moms-to-be who are not quite ready to give up their pre-pregnancy jeans, B-Buckles are the perfect maternity accessory.  Allow for extra room in the waist with these stretchy pant extenders.

With the B-Buckle, you can continue to wear your pre-pregnancy jeans well into the second trimester, or however long they remain comfortable. Procrastinate for a while instead of feeling the immediate need to go out and shop for tall maternity jeans or tall maternity pants.

Not only is the B-Buckle practical for pregnant women, it's also fashionable. You can find it in a variety of colors and patterns with fun designs such as "Rockstar", "Love", "Bun in the Oven", and "Recovering Pregnant Chick". For those who like simplicity, you can opt for the plain black, white, or denim buckles as well.

How does it work?

With your jeans unbuttoned, snap one end of the stretchy fabric band around a belt loop. Then, snap the other end of the band around a belt loop on the opposite side of the zipper and you're good to go. There are several snaps on the backside of the band which allow for adjustments in sizing and comfort. Now as your belly expands, your pants can, too!

For a video demonstration of how it works and to purchase, click here.

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